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About Crypto Secure Vault

Crypto Secure Vault began with a conversation. First, the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency—and the threats cryptocurrency users face from hackers. Then the conversation delved into the recent Equifax hack. These situations beg the question: how safe are we really in an online world?

From there, Crypto Secure Vault was created. We are cybersecurity experts ready to help businesses of all industries and sizes protect their sensitive information online. Our goal is to not only provide solutions but to educate and consult with businesses so they, too, can learn how to protect themselves from online threats.

Tim Carrender Founder & CEO
Roy Rucker CO-owner & COO

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Our Services

We offer a variety of cybersecurity services, including:

  • Encrypted cloud storage and servers
    • Encrypt session data
    • Encrypt data at rest utilizing 256-AES
  • Ethical hacking
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Cybersecurity consultations and education
  • CompTIA IT certifications for businesses

Our services can help ensure you stay safe in an ever-growing online world. As the internet becomes a bigger hub for commerce, banking, communication, and so on, the more dangerous it will also become. It’s important, especially for businesses who deal with sensitive information or store data and files online, to take precautionary action in order to protect their online information.

Why is Cybersecurity Important?

You may think, it’s never happened to me, why should I believe it will? Well, more likely than not, if you’re not protecting yourself, your information can be up for grabs to people who will use it to purchase things, apply for loans, or even to sell on the dark web. Cybersecurity is important because it helps you to:

  • Keep your files, pictures, sensitive information, and other data safe, especially if you use encrypted cloud storage and servers,
  • Protect your electronics, including your phones, computers, and tablets, safe from being hacked,
  • Avoid costly data breaches, and
  • Have peace of mind in an online world.

Most importantly, your clients and customers rely on you to keep their information safe. Whether it’s saving important documents for your law firm online or ensuring every purchase transaction is safe from being hacked, it’s your job to guarantee this. Our cybersecurity services can help you do so.

How to Contact Us

We can help you stay safe online through our various cybersecurity services. All of our services are in compliance with ISO and HIPA (HIPAA) and are tailored for you and your business via ethical hacking. To get the process started, fill out our questionnaire. You may also contact us via our website or phone. We look forward to helping you protect your business from online threats!