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Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services: Securing Data Online and Offline

Your data and files are important and the last thing you want is to have them stolen or deleted by hackers. At Crypto Secure Vault, we’re dedicated to helping you protect both your online and offline data and information from hackers with our cybersecurity tools, techniques, and know-how. In the cyber world, anything is up for grabs and you never know what the price your business may have to pay would be.

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Securing Data Online

We store a lot online, especially in cloud storage. But not all cloud storages are the built the same. Many cloud storages are prone to hackers because they don’t take into account hackers. And if they do, they aren’t constantly on the prowl for them, letting the hackers slip through the cracks and not creating patches to stop them from doing so.

Our encrypted and secure cloud storage protects your information in multiple ways, including:

  • Encryption - When something is encrypted, it translates everything into code. This makes it harder for unauthorized users to access the information stored in the cloud, protecting it better than traditional cloud storage.
  • Constant Updates - One thing about hackers is they are constantly looking for new ways to get into your infrastructure. So if one thing didn’t work, they’ll attempt to find another way. We are constantly updating our systems and creating patches to keep it safe.
  • Cybersecurity Know-How - Cybersecurity begins with you, the business owner, which is why we’re dedicated to helping you learn what you need to know to stay safe. We offer education, consultations, and certifications so you can gain knowledge about cybersecurity and protecting your business.

How to Secure Your Data Offline

You might not realize it, but even the data you store in deep freeze storage, or offline, can be at a risk of being hacked, especially since these files are rarely accessed. This can include data stored directly on your computer, on an external hard drive, offline apps, and in “deep freeze” storage. Crypto Secure Vault serves as your bodyguard. Unlike typical cloud storages, we protect every file you store in our encrypted cloud storage, including those you access regularly and those you may access only once or twice a year.

Safe Internet Practices and Etiquette

As always, it’s important to practice safe internet practices. Don’t open suspicious links or visit sites full of spam or malware. Be wary of sites asking you for sensitive information. And most importantly, be sure to use an encrypted cloud storage to store all of your files, even the ones kept offline. Crypto Secure Vault is here to help. Contact us by filling out our questionnaire to learn more today!

How to Contact Us

We can help you stay safe online through our various cybersecurity services. All of our services are in compliance with ISO and HIPA (HIPAA) and are tailored for you and your business via ethical hacking. To get the process started, fill out our questionnaire. You may also contact us via our website or phone. We look forward to helping you protect your business from online threats!